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What Is “Next Level Worship”? (Podcast)

Want to LISTEN to this article? Go to our Podcast! by Dwayne Moore Often we’re asked why we call our ministry “Next Level Worship”? They want to know what that term means and who qualifies to be on the “next level.” I especially appreciate those who want the scriptural evidence for the idea of next-level

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6 Characteristics of a God-Sized Vision

Check out this post from last year as you plan for a new year of ministry! As we begin a new year, you’re likely dreaming about the future of your church and ministry. You might be wondering what God might do through you and your congregation or team? Whatever He has for you, you can

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How Can I Benefit from NLW’s Worship Leader Coaching? (Podcast)

Want to LISTEN to this blog post? Go to our Podcast HERE! With our new round of Coaching starting up this month, perhaps you’re asking, “How can I benefit from taking the Next Level Worship Coaching Program”? Well, I am excited to share that with you! This past year we’ve had students from seven different

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Jonathan Edward’s Resolutions for 2018

To start this new year, I just finished reading Jonathan Edward’s 70 Resolutions. He wrote these as a teen-ager and read them every week to keep his mind focused and renewed. Below are 15 Resolutions that stood out to me the most. These are the ones I particularly need to apply and remember in 2018.

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Help Us Help Worship Leaders in Africa

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of hope and encouragement. For about $4, you will provide a child in Africa with the life-changing resources necessary to teach them how to love God and worship Him their whole heart. For $60 you will help provide resources and training to worship leaders in Africa. Next Level

Mighty Christmas from Next Level Worship

Mighty Christmas from NLWI!  . Greetings friends! Christmas is the season we celebrate the birth of the Messiah, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! It’s more than just a time to be merry and bright. Christmas should be a powerful and mighty reminder to us of the life-change and hope we have

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Worship Leader Coaching Will Help You Grow in 2018!

EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE. IMPACT YOUR TEAM. LEAVE A LEGACY. Dwayne Moore and our team at NLW want to help YOU grow and succeed in your ministry of worship leading within your church! Start the process now by signing up today and joining our coaching network in 2018! Our Worship Leader Coaching has 3 phases of growth. Like

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A Process to Train Worship Leaders

Our end goal is not to produce great worship services, but rather, to produce great worshipers, who will in turn help produce great worship services. At NLW, we suggest a “funnel process” for discovering and developing worship leaders. This process is intentional, prayerful, and deliberate. It’s intentional because we believe training and discipleship don’t happen by accident. It’s prayerful because we recognize

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A Christmas Wrapped in Praise (Podcast)

Want to LISTEN to this read by the author? Go to our Podcast.   Written by Dwayne Moore Let’s start with a question: What is the one thing God made sure Jesus got the best of when He first came to earth? Was it our riches? No, He was born in a stall with barn

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Respecting Each Other’s Music Styles in Worship (Repost)

The following is an excerpt from Week 7 of Pure Praise: A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship. Any song that honors God and is scripturally accurate is, in fact, “suitable” to be sung at church. However, not every song is suitable every time the church gathers. That is because of a thing called sensitivity… While particular

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Great Christmas Devotional for Your Worship Team! (Podcast)

Want to LISTEN to this post? Go HERE to our Podcast page!    The First Christmas Rush The following devotional is taken from the Winter Edition of Dwayne Moore’s popular Praise Portions Team Devotionals. Go here to download all 24 devotionals in the Winter and Spring Editions! Theme: There’s one thing we should all be

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The Impact of Worship Leader Coaching

Worship Leader Coaching will expand your influence, impact your team, and leave a legacy for years to come. Dwayne Moore and the NLW team want to help you! Check out the testimonies below from real people that have been through coaching with NLW. We want you to grow and succeed in your ministry of worship

Thank You For Supporting Next Level Worship International!

THANK YOU to all of you who donated and prayed for #NLWI this past year. Because of you, we trained worship leaders in 10 countries, led multiple conferences in the US and abroad, and saw 60 people come to Christ through our worship evangelism events! To contribute to the work right now, text NLWDONATE to

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Don’t Miss 3 Incredible Days at ReFOCUS Worship Conference!

 Dr. Vernon Whaley, Aaron Keyes, and Dwayne Moore! Don’t miss this amazing line-up at ReFOCUS Worship Conference February 1-3, 2018! We’re excited to announce that we just added Dr. Vernon Whaley, Dean of Music at Liberty University, to our list of high-quality speakers in Pigeon Forge, TN! Bring your worship team to the Smokies for 3 incredible days

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When Worship Team Members Are Too Spontaneous and “Free” on Stage (Repost)

Someone sent the team at Next Level Worship this question. How would you advise this her? “I have a guy I am letting vocal lead a song here and there in the Sunday set. He leads his songs pretty well…I am training him and helping him learn to do vocal cues, signal the band, sing