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The First Christmas Rush

Mention the words, “Christmas rush,” around others and watch eyes roll and heads wag. No one has to tell us what a headache the Christmas rush can be each year. And few of us get any pleasure from last-minute shopping or standing in those long lines at the post office! However, the first “Christmas rush” was quite different

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Welcome Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! A huge shout-out to Tobin, Mark, and the gang at for publishing my article, A Christmas Wrapped In Praise, on their website and in their newsletter (that went to 172,000 pastors/church staff) this week! Many thanks! For coming by to visit my blogsite, here is a free screensaver (9.4 MB) that we

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Podcasting Your Worship Service

I asked my friend, Terry Hadaway, to share his insights about podcasting. Along with his amazing writing and church education ministry, Terry and his son, Daniel, have a powerful internet ministry, called Audio Interactions. They help several churches and well-known Christian leaders produce their podcasts. (You may know Terry as the author who wrote the study guide

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Rick Muchow’s Tips for Leading Worship

Below is an excerpt from an article by Rick Muchow entitled, “Seven tips for Leading Worship.” I discovered this great resource on Enjoy! By Rick Muchow: Here are my tips for effective worship L.E.A.D.I.N.G.: Let God lead Jesus said that he is the vine and that we are the branches … apart from him we can do

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Shout Out to Worship Matters!

Hey everyone, I just came across a great worship blog by Bob Kauflin (Perhaps you remember a Contemporary Christian group called GLAD back in the eighties – he was a part of that group!). Anyway, check out his blog. It’s called Worship Matters. I just invested the past hour reading some of his entries. What I

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The Pastor Is the Primary Worship Leader

Look closely at the story of the Children of Judah in 2 Chronicles 20:18-21 and you’ll notice two important things: 1) It was King Jehoshaphat who was the first to fall on his knees before the Lord. He led the way for the thousands of others there to praise. 2) Furthermore, it was Jehoshaphat who

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Our Praise Should Be a Gift to God and Others

Guest Post by Pastor John Martin  The other day I saw a large anthill built in a crevice in the concrete.  Out from this anthill were two columns of ants.  The outgoing column of ants headed toward the “fields” to “work”, while the incoming column returned to the colony with his or her “harvest”. Each

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Our Praise Should Not Depend On the Service

Recently, a Lutheran pastor was describing to me why he enjoys liturgical worship. He said, “Dwayne, some people may think our traditional worship services are less than exciting – even stale. But I don’t see them that way. Almost every time we read from the liturgical literature and observe the liturgical calendar, God shows me

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4 Levels of Effectiveness as Worship Leaders

Over the years I have observed four levels of effectiveness among those who are involved with music in churches. These include praise team members, choir and orchestra members and production people. 1. The lowest level is what I call the song leader level. These are the people who do no more than show up and

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Striving to Be a Minister through Music

The fourth and highest level of effectiveness for church musicians (and technical assistants) is to be a minister through music. (To read about Levels 1 – 3 go here.) People on Level 4 still desire the excellence of Level 2. Like those on Level 3, they see the great blessing musical praise can be to

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3 Requirements for Perfect Praise

In Matthew 21:16, Jesus was quick to defend the children in the temple who were dancing and singing to Him. He blasted the criticizing Pharisees, saying, “Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise’?” Notice that the praise Jesus referred to wasn’t just any praise. He

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Welcome Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! A huge shout-out to Julie, Jeremy and the gang at Worship Leader Magazine for publishing my article, A Christmas Wrapped In Praise, on their website during December! Many thanks! Please sign our newly-added guestbook and tell us a little about yourself!  For coming by to visit my blogsite, here is a

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Casting Crowns Cast Their Crowns

Casting Crowns was up (again) for an award at the American Music Awards last night. They didn’t receive the award, but as fellow artist, Kirk Franklin, stood behind the winner’s podium and thrust that Contemporary Inspirational trophy upward in the air, he called their name, showing his respect for this amazing band. This morning I went on Casting Crowns’ website looking for information about their

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Repetition in Praise Is Not a Bad Thing!

I was talking on the phone recently with a worship leader friend of mine in Mobile, AL. He said he has a small clan of people in his choir that complain every time they sing any songs that repeat. “Too much repetition,” they keep telling him. I’ve often heard of such songs with certain repeating phrases

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How One Worship Leader Helped Teach His Church about Worship

I’ve believed for years that we should do more than just lead the congregation in singing. As worship leaders, we need to also teach worship and praise to the people in the pews. Here’s a worship leader that’s doing that very thing! Not only did he bring us in to teach his choir, he used a very common tool called a