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Death Can Be a Precious Time to Praise

A member of our ministry’s advisory board who is also a pastor wrote me this morning to tell me of an amazing experience he had last week. He got to see first hand how one family responded with pervasive praise at the very moment of their godly loved one’s “precious” death. This is a powerful read with an equally powerful conclusion…

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How We Use the Word “Worship” May Be Misleading

We all know that looks can be deceiving. And sometimes how we present something can communicate things we don’t intend to convey. As leaders, we know that worship encompasses every area of our lives. However, if we were to look on many of our church websites and church newsletters, we could easily assume that worship is merely one part of

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Created to Praise Him in a Unique Way

I received the following note in an email a lady sent me this morning. She and her husband along with her entire church are beginning our Praise More Powerful worship study. I think you’ll agree that her passion and love for the Lord is both encouraging and convicting. Oh, that we would all share in this kind of

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Created for His Praise!

Below is a brief excerpt from my Praise More Powerful worship study. Enjoy!… When God finished creating Adam and Eve on the sixth day He said it was “very good.” Think about that. They had just been created. They had not had the chance to do anything, yet He was pleased with them. He enjoyed their

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Churches Need Foundational Teaching on Worship

Below is an article by my friend, Frank Nihart, a minister through music in south Alabama. Through his leadership the Lord has built a strong and growing choir and orchestra ministry in his church. Starting later this month, Frank will take all 100 of his music ministry team through our worship study, Praise More Powerful. As you

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Developing a Worship Culture In Your Church

Exactly what is a “worship culture,” and what can we do to help our congregations become more “worship minded”? These are the questions a fellow worship leader, Chris Knox, began to ask the Lord several years ago. I asked Chris to share with us what God has taught her and her church on their journey

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Planning Worship Is Like Baking a Cake

My mom has been a baker for as long as I can remember. (She owns the Pat-a-Cake Bakery in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Check out her website! Yum!) Miss Virginia, as she is affectionately known, can bake a mean cake, and thanks to her, I know a little something about baking myself (although mine have

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God Can Work In Tightly Scheduled Worship Services Too!

Thankfully, I am (finally!) finished with the Program Schedule for this year’s Smoky Mountain Student Bible Conference. And I can say with no hesitation that of the thousands of programs and worship services I have planned over the years, this is by far the most difficult…but also one of the most rewarding! Scott Dawson and his team lead this amazing student

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How Structured Should a Worship Service Be?

This topic of how much structure we should have in our worship gatherings is very much on my mind at this moment. For the past several days, I have been working diligently to complete the Tech Schedule for the Smoky Mountain Student Bible Conference. More on that in my blog post called God Can Move

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New Year’s Resolution: Be Godly, Not Religious

I’m reading a challenging and refreshing book right now by Chuck Swindoll. It’s entitled, So, You Want to Be Like Christ? The back cover sums up very well what Dr. Swindoll communicates through the pages of this powerful hardback. Below is an excerpt from the back cover. Just these words alone are enough to make me say

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New Year’s Resolution: Quit Your Job

Looking for a great New Year’s resolution? Here’s one: Quit your job – your job on Sundays at church, that is. Everyone knows we’re not supposed to labor on the Sabbath but rather “keep it holy.” (See Exodus 20:8) We can only keep it honoring to God if we approach what we do every Sunday

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Planning a Worship Service Using the 5 Necessary Elements

From time to time, I’m asked how I go about planning for a worship gathering – or service, as it is often called. Below are some simple steps and elements to consider. It is based on the 5 Necessary Elements for an Effective Worship Gathering. These are explained and studied in detail in my worship

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True Worship Changes Us

We cannot encounter God’s presence and awesome glory and not be somehow affected. A great example of a person who experienced the radical change worship can make is Asaph in Psalm 73. Asaph had an extremely negative outlook in the first half of that chapter. His eyes were focused on the prosperity of the wicked.

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The First Christmas Rush

Mention the words, “Christmas rush,” around others and watch eyes roll and heads wag. No one has to tell us what a headache the Christmas rush can be each year. And few of us get any pleasure from last-minute shopping or standing in those long lines at the post office! However, the first “Christmas rush” was quite different

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Welcome Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! A huge shout-out to Tobin, Mark, and the gang at for publishing my article, A Christmas Wrapped In Praise, on their website and in their newsletter (that went to 172,000 pastors/church staff) this week! Many thanks! For coming by to visit my blogsite, here is a free screensaver (9.4 MB) that we