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Is Worship Leading a “Spiritual Gift”?

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How Much Praise Music Is Enough in a Service?

Forgive me if that sounds like a strange and rather unbecoming question for a major proponent of praise. However, for many of us as worship leaders, it is a question that lurks in the back of our minds week in and week out. I have to admit I am very curious as to why no one

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Christians Should Be Drawn, Not Driven

Last night I ate dinner with an evangelist friend on mine. In a somber and convincing tone he shared with me how at one point he had to leave the ministry for a while. He had become so driven to perform and “minister” at his church that he burned himself out and almost lost his family.

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Personal Evaluation of the 5 Necessary Elements

There are 5 necessary elements in order for a worship gathering to be most effective. They are: Prayer Planned Spontenaity Pliableness Power of the Spirit Pastoral Direction  All five of these should be present every time the saints gather to worship. These Biblical elements are explained and studied in detail during Week 5 of my worship

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Welcome Back, Readers!

A huge shout-out and thanks to Julie Reid and Jeremy Armstrong of Worship Leader Magazine for featuring my blogsite this month! They also featured my Christmas article back in December. I am honored and greatly appreciative! Please take some time to look around my site. We have over 80 articles as well as many other

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Welcome Back, Ministry Toolbox Readers! and Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox readers, thank you for reading my article, 4 Levels of Effectiveness among Worship Leaders, in this week’s edition of the Ministry Toolbox, and thank you so much for coming to our blogsite! We are honored that you would take a moment and visit us our website here at

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Respecting Each Other’s Music Styles in Worship

The following is an excerpt from Week 7 of my worship study, Praise More Powerful. This is pulled from Day 2 which is entitled, “It Is about Sensitivity.” Enjoy! – Dwayne Any song that honors God and is scripturally accurate is, in fact, “suitable” to be sung at church. However, not every song is suitable every time the church

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Useless Worship

The following is from my Quiet Time Journal. I am currently going through the book of Colossians. This particular scripture passage (like so many in Colossians!) has direct application for worshipers and worship leaders, thus prompting me to feature it on this site. You may view all my QT entries thus far in Colossians by going to my online Quiet Time

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Pastor: Worship Leader or Lead Worshiper?

Guest Post by John Martin:     As senior pastors, if we are fortunate enough to have a praise and worship person who really wants to do a quality job, we often breath a sigh of relief and say, “I’m glad that is taken care of.  It’s one less thing for me to worry about.”  Then each

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3 Levels of Learning a Song

This week on American Idol several would-be idols were instantly disqualified because they forgot their lyrics. This is an embarrassment any of us who sing solos can relate to. If we’ve sung much at all, we’ve “made up the words” at some point! However, truly learning a song means more than just memorizing some words. In fact,

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Praise Should Boil from Hearts On Fire

The following is an excerpt from a new book I’ve just started. Hope you enjoy! (And please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think.) Thanks so much! – Dwayne  Imagine you have a child who has really struggled in a certain subject at school. You have become concerned about his grades because

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New Book on Praise Off to Great Start!

Dear Blog Readers, Thanks for giving me a week off to hide away and write! It was an amazing time with the Lord in a little cabin in the woods – no TV, no radio, and no internet access! (Surprisingly, I didn’t suffer from any severe withdrawals while there!) Of course, the greater appreciation goes

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Video of Refugee Children Singing Praises to God

Have you ever had something just stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless for a moment? When I first saw this simple, one and a half minute video, that was my reaction. These are people who have absolutely nothing, yet they are praising their God… My dear friend, Ken Galyean of, just returned

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Worship Study Helps Pastor’s Pursuit of Passionate Praise

Whew, that’s a lot of P’s in one title! Nonetheless, it is the best way to describe an email a pastor sent me yesterday. I love this guy’s heart and grasp on praise and worship of our awesome God. That everyone had his passion and understanding! According to this note, what helped encourage his pursuit of deeper and greater praise was our worship study, Praise More

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Praise to God is Universal

Praise is universal. If we could fly over the “plains of praise,” we would see many landmarks that would give us a clearer picture of just how universal and far-reaching praise to God really is. For example, we would see that God’s people have always praised him. In our day many churches and believers are