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Reading Partners Needed for Dwayne’s New Bible Study

by Next Level Worship

Dwayne has started writing a sequel/follow-up study to his award-winning book, Pure Praise. Pure Praise helps us purify our praise to God while we are on earth. This new study will teach us how to live in order to RECEIVE God’s praise in heaven. Dwayne needs reading partners who will encourage and help him as…

Pure Praise Weekly Introductions DVD Available!

by Next Level Worship

Announcing our most exciting companion resource to Pure Praise yet! Author Dwayne Moore has just released a DVD of weekly introduction videos designed to motivate and inspire you and your group to stay faithful to each week’s devotional study in Pure Praise!  The DVD includes intro videos for all 9 weeks of the study, plus…

Saddleback Worship Trainer Endorses Pure Praise Audio Devotions

by Next Level Worship

Al Lowry heads up a large worship leader training ministry at Saddleback Church in CA. His ministry is called GIG, or Guitarists Into God. He works with zillions of worship leaders. This is what he said about our Pure Praise Audio Devotions that he recently reviewed: “I am probably the poster child target for your efforts as…

Forum Comments from Pure Praise Study

by Next Level Worship is going together through Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship. You can still jump into their amazing  discussions of what they are learning during each day’s devotional study. Go here to read the forums and get involved. Here are a few quotes from the forum discussion during Week 1: First off, I…

Notes for National Worship Leader Conference Workshop

by Next Level Worship

Download Dwayne’s notes for his workshop at the 2008 National Worship Leader Conference. His workshop is “Developing Your Team to Become Ministers through Music.” This will be a powerful 45-minute session taken from Week 6 of Dwayne’s forthcoming book, Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship. Click here to download the notes. ShareFollow

Hidden Away Working on Final Edits!

by Next Level Worship

Dear friends, Sorry I’ve not posted anything in the past few days. I’ve been hidden away in the hills of Tennessee going back through every week of the worship study. Group Publishing’s senior editor has requested that we get our final edits to her by this weekend. (Group is releasing our worship study, Praise More Powerful, under the new…

Half-off Praise More Powerful Studies!

by Next Level Worship

                                                                                                                                                    Sorry, we sold out in one day after posting this!  (However, you can email us if you would like to pre-order the to-be-released-in-the-fall version from Group Publishing. Simply email us and tell us how many you would like to pre-order, and we’ll put you on the…

Primary Hebrew Words for Praise

by Next Level Worship

This is another extra resource for those going through the Pure Praise worship study. Please utilize this list of Hebrew definitions for words used for praise in the Old Testament. There are several Hebrew words that are translated as “praise” in most English versions. We strongly encourage you to go deeper in studying these amazing word-pictures. NOTE: We’ve…

Week 9 Day 1: The Three Sources of Temptation

by Next Level Worship

This is an extra resource for people going through the Pure Praise worship study. For Week 9, Day 1 The prince of the power of the air is not the only source of our temptations. Our own fleshly nature and the world around us can also tempt us to go astray. (See Ephesians 2:2-3) I like…

Week 7 Day 4: Creative Progression of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

by Next Level Worship

Another extra resource for readers of the Pure Praise worship study:  For Week 7 Day 4 (regarding Colossians 3:16) While we find Christian hymns in the church at a very early period, as one scholar admitted, “Our information regarding the hymnology of the early Christians is very limited.”1 Most agree, however, that the “psalms” Paul referred to…

Week 3 Day 4: Deeper Insights Into God’s Names

by Next Level Worship

This is an extra resource for people going through the Pure Praise worship study. For Week 3, Day 4:   In our anchor narrative here in 2 Chronicles, we find two of God’s revealing names: Elohim, translated “God” in our English Bible and Jehovah, which is written as “LORD” (in all caps) in the English versions. Interestingly, Jehoshaphat…

Week 3 Day 5: Knowing God Brings Us Energy in Serving Him

by Next Level Worship

This is an extra resource for people going through the Pure Praise worship study.  For Week 3, Day 5:  Beyond the four explained in the study, another benefit of knowing God is energy in serving the Lord. I will never forget as a teenager how tired I felt one Sunday afternoon. After an entire morning and afternoon of…

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