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Personal Evaluation of the 5 Necessary Elements

There are 5 necessary elements in order for a worship gathering to be most effective. They are: Prayer Planned Spontenaity Pliableness Power of the Spirit Pastoral Direction  All five of these should be present every time the saints gather to worship. These Biblical elements are explained and studied in detail during Week 5 of my worship

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Respecting Each Other’s Music Styles in Worship

The following is an excerpt from Week 7 of my worship study, Praise More Powerful. This is pulled from Day 2 which is entitled, “It Is about Sensitivity.” Enjoy! – Dwayne Any song that honors God and is scripturally accurate is, in fact, “suitable” to be sung at church. However, not every song is suitable every time the church

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3 Levels of Learning a Song

This week on American Idol several would-be idols were instantly disqualified because they forgot their lyrics. This is an embarrassment any of us who sing solos can relate to. If we’ve sung much at all, we’ve “made up the words” at some point! However, truly learning a song means more than just memorizing some words. In fact,

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An Effective Corporate Worship Approach

A good friend, Michael Moore, sent me a graphic he designed that is based on a simple approach his church leaders use as they plan their worship services. Michael is a former college roommate of mine and pastor at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Virginia. (For the record, no, we’re not kin – but I’d sure claim him if I could!) This

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Planning Worship Is Like Baking a Cake

My mom has been a baker for as long as I can remember. (She owns the Pat-a-Cake Bakery in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Check out her website! Yum!) Miss Virginia, as she is affectionately known, can bake a mean cake, and thanks to her, I know a little something about baking myself (although mine have

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God Can Work In Tightly Scheduled Worship Services Too!

Thankfully, I am (finally!) finished with the Program Schedule for this year’s Smoky Mountain Student Bible Conference. And I can say with no hesitation that of the thousands of programs and worship services I have planned over the years, this is by far the most difficult…but also one of the most rewarding! Scott Dawson and his team lead this amazing student

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How Structured Should a Worship Service Be?

This topic of how much structure we should have in our worship gatherings is very much on my mind at this moment. For the past several days, I have been working diligently to complete the Tech Schedule for the Smoky Mountain Student Bible Conference. More on that in my blog post called God Can Move

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Planning a Worship Service Using the 5 Necessary Elements

From time to time, I’m asked how I go about planning for a worship gathering – or service, as it is often called. Below are some simple steps and elements to consider. It is based on the 5 Necessary Elements for an Effective Worship Gathering. These are explained and studied in detail in my worship

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4 Goals Every Worship Gathering Should Accomplish

Every time we come together to worship our Lord on Sundays (as well as at other times), there are four goals our worship gatherings should meet. While we have quite a bit of freedom in how we go about accomplishing each goal, the goals themselves are not optional and not subject to change. They remain consistent and of utmost importance. The

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Freedom NOT to Announce Every Song

I was talking today with a pastor friend of mine. He was telling me how his music minister used to announce the title of every song before he sang it. “Now we’re going to sing Love Lifted Me….The next song is Lord I Lift Your Name…Now we’ll sing Shout to the Lord,” and so forth