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30 Days of Praise Launches Internationally!

Last week, our ministry, Next Level Worship, introduced 30 Days of Praise, an emphasis on worship for the entire church. The response has been incredible! Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox featured a link to our 30 Days of Praise website last week. As a result, we have had literally hundreds of responses from churches in 32

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Growing Your Church the Simple, Scriptural Way

Guest Post by John Martin:  Often times doesn’t it seem that we find the most difficult of solutions to the simplest of problems?  Let me give you an example.  At the height of the space race during the 1960’s, NASA took on the arduous job of finding a way to write in space. Normal pens

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Repetition in Praise Can Be a Good Thing!

From time to time, we plan to bring a old post back from out of the archives of Next Level Worship. Below is an article from a post that received a great deal of hits and comments back in its “heyday” last year. ~ The NLW Team I was talking on the phone recently with a

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Your Invitation to a Worship Webinar!

We are grateful to the thousands who read our blog each week and for your interest in Dwayne Moore’s worship study, Praise More Powerful: Insights to Transform Our Worship. Worship Leader Magazine has invited Dwayne to teach a live and interactive online seminar from Week 5 of Praise More Powerful. It’s entitled Five Necessary Elements for Effective Worship

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Reinventing Our Predictable Worship Subculture

I just read a powerful dialogue on Nancy Beach’s blog. (Nancy is programming director at Willow Creek Church in Chicago and author of a challenging book entitled, An Hour on Sunday: Creating Moments of Transformation and Wonder.) Please do yourself and your congregation a favor: Go to her blog site and read Nancy’s entry, The

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Worshiping God While on Vacation

My friend, Michael Moore, just left me a comment on A Successful Life Is a Worshiping Life. But this is so good I wanted to highlight his thoughts in a post. He is beginning a worship series in July entitled, “Worship God While on Vacation.” The emphasis is to worship God everyday and everywhere. How

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Paul Baloche Answers Worship Leaders’ Questions During Webinar

Today I sat in on a live and interactive webinar with song-writer and worship pastor, Paul Baloche – you know, the guy who wrote such great praise songs as Above All and Open the Eyes of My Heart! Paul downloaded some amazing insights onto all of us in this class, which was offered by Worship Leader Magazine. Below is

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Worship Leader Magazine’s Summer Netcourses!

I am very honored to be included in the summer line-up of instructors for Worship Leader Magazine’s online courses. These are incredible, completely interactive and live courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home! All you need is a computer with an internet connection to “logon and learn” as Worship Leader puts it!

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Handling Interruptions in Worship Services

Here is an excerpt from an excellent article by Joe McKeever. You can read the full article in this week’s edition of Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. Enjoy! Most church interruptions and disruptions are not as dramatic as gunshots, as dangerous as bomb threats, or as unnerving as a wild-eyed schizophrenic. They might be as routine as a

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Deep Worship That Reaches the Unchurched

The following excerpt came from an article in last week’s edition of Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. Oh, that every congregation’s leadership understood these powerful truths about corporate worship. Special thanks to Pastors.com for allowing us to feature this excerpt. Guest article by Rick Warren: At Saddleback we believe worship services can be deep, meaningful, and accessible to the unchurched. Your

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4 Articles about Worship on Pastors.com!

God is constantly good! Today marks our fourth article to be featured on Pastors.com and Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. Pastors.com is by far the most popular site for pastors and church leaders. And the Ministry Toolbox newsletter has a subscription of well over 180,000. Amazingly, the editor of Pastors.com and the Toolbox, Tobin Perry, has asked us to

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Using Visual Arts in Worship

The following article is scheduled to run on Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox soon. I thought I would give you, my faithful readers, a “sneak preview”! Blessings! – Dwayne  Have you gazed at the sky lately? Have you noticed the amazing colors and dazzling hues of an evening sunset? Have you ever been mesmerized by a gigantic

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Regaining Credibility in Our Corporate Worship

One of the most powerful messages I have heard preached on the topic of worship came recently from my pastor, Randy Norris. He leads a new church plant in Hoover, Alabama, called The Church at Ross Station. I am privileged to be the worship leader at this tremendous new work. I asked Randy if he would share with

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Sound Wisdom on Production in Worship Services

I recently asked my friend, Phil Jenkins of Internally Sound, to write an article that overviews the role and importance of production in a church worship gathering. I have had the privelege to work closely with Phil and his brother, Mark, at Scott Dawson’s conferences and events for several years now. They are incredibly professional

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How Much Praise Music Is Enough in a Service?

Forgive me if that sounds like a strange and rather unbecoming question for a major proponent of praise. However, for many of us as worship leaders, it is a question that lurks in the back of our minds week in and week out. I have to admit I am very curious as to why no one