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Dramatic Responsive Reading for July 4th Service

Here is a powerful dramatic and responsive reading that works great for a Fourth of July Celebration Service. It  is excerpted from the House of Representatives Resolution 397 (1ST SESSION).   It highlights in chronological order many evidences of how the United States of America was founded on God and why therefore it should continue to be

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Planning Effective Worship That Flows

As a part of my Online Worship Leadership Training Course, I teach on Planning Effective Corporate Worship that Flows. Below is part of the content from that session. I draw important parallels between baking a cake and planning worship. Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! — Dwayne 1. Choose the right ingredients. The ingredients depend on

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Webinar: 5 Essentials for Effective Worship Gatherings

5 Essentials for Planning Effective Worship Gatherings taught by Dwayne Moore Monday, April 13, 2009 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, 1:00 p.m. Central (duration 1 hour) There are many elements that go into making a service. However, there are five that need to be present any time the body of Christ gathers to worship. This class

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Pastors, You Are Your Church’s Lead Worshiper

The following article was written by John Martin, who is the Vice President of Development for Next Level Worship, LLC. This article was featured in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. We have received tons of positive feedback from this article. Once you’ve read it, we believe you’ll understand why! Enjoy! As senior pastors, if we are fortunate

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Awesome Report of On-going Revival!

Imagine your church leaders saying you don’t need a traditional series of meetings because your church is already IN revival! That’s exactly what happened this past Sunday to a pastor friend of mine. Listen to what he wrote me:  Revival Already Happening! We had a great service with many responding to the altar this morning and one

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Powerful Visual Skit for Worship Service

John Martin, our VP of Development at Next Level Worship, discovered this incredible dramatic sketch online yesterday. What a powerful way to illustrate the change Christ makes in people’s lives! This is a compelling tool for presenting the Gospel–and a great way to easily involve several people in your church! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvDDc5RB6FQ ShareFollow

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Powerful Responsive Reading about the Church

Recently, we put together an effective and rousing “responsive reading” that supported our pastor’s message theme that day about the place and importance of God’s Church. Our entire congregation was on their feet clapping by the end of this stirring experience! Click here to download the PDF of the recitation. We adapted this reading/recitation from an old Bill Gaither recitation. We

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Four Worship Philosophies

My good friend, Charles Billingsley, has written a strong and insightful article that I want to pass on to you. It’s called Worship: Four American Philosophies. Below is an excerpt. Go here to read the entire article. Blessings! ~Dwayne Excerpt from article by Charles Billingsley:  I am certainly not an expert, but I hope to

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4 New Dramatic Sketches to Enhance Your Services!

My pastor, Randy Norris, has been preaching a series he has entitled, “Why-fi.” I wrote a 3-minute dramatic sketch to support each of the messages. Because of the broad ideas they are presenting, these humorous but thought-provoking skits can be used to enhance any number of sermon topics and services. These are simple to do

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30 Days of Praise Church Discovers Breakthrough of Unstoppable Worship!

Hey everyone, I have got to report to you what a pastor from Michigan just called me tonight to tell me! His church in Michigan just started their 30 Days of Praise campaign this morning. They had an amazing first service! They experienced a powerful breakthrough in their worship. This pastor’s exact words to me were,

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Chord Chart for “Send Me” Commitment Chorus

http://praisemorepowerful.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/SendMe.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSend Me is a simple-to-teach chorus that can be used during a time of commitment to missions and witnessing or to challenge Believers to share their faith. This song also works well in missions conferences. Please feel free to download the chord chart below and use this song in

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What Our Praise Team Learned at a Larger Church

Last night my praise team and I visited a church of several thousand in Birmingham, AL. We opted not to have our own rehearsal in order to go and observe what this larger, more developed ministry is doing. Their music style (praise band based) fits our approach, so we felt it would be a good choice to get ideas from. It is always a

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Worship God on Vacation Message Series

Holidays and traveling are an integral part of our lives. For we Americans, this upcoming “Labor Day” will be anything but laborious as we take to the highways and waterways to celebrate a reprieve from our labors. Unfortunately, far too many otherwise church-going Christians likewise take a hiatus from church while they are on vacation.

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Worship Tips and Techniques

Hey everybody! Heads up on some great ideas and tips for leading worship that I just ran across. Go to http://www.kuesterlaw.com/worship/tips.htm and check them out. Well worth your time to read! Thanks to Kelly Sparks for his work on gathering these thoughts into one location! – Dwayne ShareFollow

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2 Publishers Looking Seriously at Praise More Powerful

As many of you know, we have been trusting God for close to 2 years now to lead us to the publisher He wants for Praise More Powerful. Our literary agent, David Sanford, and his amazing staff have worked tirelessly to present our worship study to several different major publishers. While many of them have shown interest, no