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4 Goals Every Worship Gathering Should Accomplish (Repost)

by Next Level Worship

Reprinted from Week 7 of Pure Praise.  Every time we come together to worship our Lord on Sundays (as well as at other times), there are four goals our worship gatherings should meet. While we have quite a bit of freedom in how we go about accomplishing each goal, the goals themselves are not optional and not subject to change. They remain…

6 Characteristics of a God-Sized Vision (repost)

by Next Level Worship

. Dreaming about the future of your church and ministry? Wondering what God might do through you and your congregation or team?   Whatever He has for you, you can be sure that every God-inspired vision has six distinct characteristics. All of them can be clearly seen when God commissioned Joshua to lead His people…

The Problem with Last-Minute Easter Rehearsals

by Next Level Worship

Yesterday, I received an email from a church musician who was clearly frustrated and concerned, and he was desperate for some advice. He said his worship leader chronically waits until the last minute to start worship team practice for major holidays like Christmas and Easter. They’d only rehearsed and read over one song for Easter before…

Unique Easter Service Order

by Next Level Worship

Here’s our service order for this Easter. It’s simple yet unique–especially the “rumor” dramatic effect at the beginning. (Bet you’ve never seen this done in a service before!) Substitute songs for songs that work best for your congregation. EASTER SERVICE 2012 The Station Church 1. Video about Easter (from Sermon Spice) as a call to…

Mini-musical Drama for Palm Sunday

by Next Level Worship

A Palm Sunday Mini-musical & Dramatic Presentation for Choir & Narrator Written by Dwayne Moore Cast: Choir, narrator, 3 brief speaking parts for choir members, Jesus (no speaking parts) Run-time: approx. 30 minutes Props/costumes needed: palm branches, simple rock or backdrop for the Garden of Gethsemane scene, costumes for some choir members and for Jesus,…

Rick Warren on Leadership in Worship

by Next Level Worship

This is the final post of my series from Rick Warren’s teaching during our Worship Influencers’ Retreat. (See Rick Warren on Worship Leaders for more details and explanation.) Rick Warren on Leadership in Worship When you tell them to sing louder, you’re cheerleading them. That’s not leading. When we sing with passion, that’s what’s contagious.…

Rick Warren on Personal Prayer Before a Worship Service

by Next Level Worship

This is the third post in my series on Rick Warren’s teaching during our Worship Influencers’ Retreat at Saddleback’s Rancho Capistrano. (See Rick Warren on Worship Leading for more details and explanation.) ~Dwayne Rick Warren on Personal Preparations Before a Worship Service: While I’m in my car, I start smiling. It releases endorphines that really…

Creative Order of Worship to Teach Personal Praise

by Next Level Worship

This order is different than anything I’ve seen before. (In fact, in my 30+ years of planning and leading worship, I have never seen or heard of this approach.) But I can testify that this simple but deliberately planned time of spontenaity helped teach our people a valuable lesson about personal worship and praise. Our pastor, Randy Norris, and the worship planning team at…

Dramatic Responsive Reading for 4th of July Service

by Next Level Worship

Here is a powerful dramatic and responsive reading that works great for a Fourth of July Celebration Service. It  is excerpted from the House of Representatives Resolution 397 (, 1ST SESSION). It highlights in chronological order many evidences of how the United States of America was founded on God and why therefore it should continue to be…

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