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God’s Goodness Is His Glory

In all of years of reading the amazing account of Moses’ intimate encounter with his God, I admit I have always skimmed over the word, “goodness.” I just took it to mean God passed by with his backside. I missed the tremendous significance of that little word. The Lord said He would cause all His goodness to pass in front of Moses.

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Need Your FAVORITE Worship Verses for our NEW APP!


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ReNEW Worship Conference in Fort Wayne, IN!


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Join us at the ReFOCUS Worship Conference This February!

Join Dwayne Moore, Laura Story, Tim Timmons, Dr. Vernon Whaley & more at our 2019 ReFOCUS Worship Conference in the beautiful Smoky Mountains! . Let us help you refocus on the Lord, on your spouse and worship team, and on who God made you to be. The ReFOCUS Worship Conference is specially designed for worship

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The NLW team is excited to be in Zimbabwe this August! The Worship Intensive School gathers worship leaders and pastors from multiple countries to learn about and apply biblical worship to their lives and ministries. We expect 100 or more leaders at the upcoming school, and we are praying for God to make a great

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ReIMAGINE Worship Intensive – October 15-19 in Louisville, KY


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How to Attract Quality Musicians for Your Worship Ministry


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Worshiping God With My Life

Today NLWI is excited to feature John Martin. John recently joined the staff team as the Director of Ministries. He has a heart for worship and helping others grow in their love for God and others. NLWI is greatly blessed to have him on the team. For my first official blog post as a full-time employee of

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Performance vs. Ministry – Part II

Check out Part II of the Performance vs. Ministry blog series! Donald is a pastor and worship leader in Zambia, and he is the director of NLW’s ministry in Africa. He works and travels with the NLW team multiple times per year, helping lead and teach at the various events hosted throughout Africa. Click here

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Performance vs. Ministry – Part I

Today NLW is excited to introduce Donald Kutala as a guest writer for the blog! Donald is a pastor and worship leader in Zambia, and he is the director of NLW’s ministry in Africa. He works and travels with the NLW team multiple times per year, helping lead and teach at the various events hosted

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Worship Leader Coaching Begins Next Week!

EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE. IMPACT YOUR TEAM. LEAVE A LEGACY. There is only one week left before the IMPACT phase of worship leader coaching begins! It is not too late to join! The IMPACT Phase focuses on your group’s growth as a team. We will help you raise the quality and effectiveness of your worship ministry. Imagine ripples in

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Worship Leaders: Lead in Awe This Easter

by Dwayne Moore One quiet morning a few weeks ago, I decided to take some time to pray alone in our sanctuary. But as soon as I sat down on the front row, my mind began racing about all the stuff that still needed to be done before our Easter services: “How will the lights

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Why Do Worship Leaders Need to Invest Themselves Into Learning More? (Podcast)

Want to LISTEN to this blog post? Go to our Podcasts page. Dwayne Moore: Hello everyone, I’m Dwayne Moore. Welcome to the Worship Q&A podcast. Each week we try to answer questions that worship leaders are asking. Today I am sitting in the office of one of my dear friends, Hector Jeminez? Hector Jeminez: Hector

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FREE Worship Webinar Next Week!

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? The FREE Webinar is only a few days away, so take a moment today to register today. Mark your calendar for March 19 at 1pm CST. The training will be hosted by Dwayne Moore, founder and president of NLW. You don’t want to miss this as we discuss ways to plan

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What’s Required for Authentic Worship? (Podcast)

Want to LISTEN to this blog article and coaching excerpt? Go to our Podcast! The following is an excerpt from NLW’s online coaching course. Take a listen or read below to get a taste of what is offered through coaching with Dwayne. If you’re interested in knowing more about joining a coaching class, let us