Building a Habit of Lifestyle Worship

I’ll never forget what Pastor Rick Warren said to our small group of worship leaders gathered at Saddleback’s retreat house once. Sitting comfortably beside me with his feet propped up, he taught us for over 2 hours! What stood out most was this one statement Pastor Rick said: “Discipleship is basically replacing our old habits

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A Vision Strategy for Worship Ministry

At Valley View Church, our vision for the worship and creative arts ministry is to be a “sculpturing factory.” The following key elements of our strategy are based on the analogy of a factory. This is based on the sincere conviction that God entrusts us with people for a period time to help disciple and

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Auditioning, Adding and “Demoting” Worship Team Members & Starting a Choir

. A worship leader recently asked me for advice. He is trying to make some important improvements to his music ministry, including adding a choir and a new recruiting process. How would you answer these questions? 1. Q: I’m in the process of putting together some new systems for the Fall. One of them is

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The Three Purposes of Worship Ministry

By Dwayne Moore   “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together” (Psalm 34:3). In this one simple verse, David has given us three distinct purposes of worship ministry. These purposes apply whether we’re in a church of 100, 1000, or 10,000. The purposes do not change. We may have

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FREE E-book on How to Grow Your Worship Team!

Just released! Get your FREE copy of our newest e-book, Building Strong Worship Leaders! The Worship Community calls it a “must-read” for worship leaders and pastors. Go HERE to download your FREE copy TODAY! ShareFollow

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Spring Online Worship Leader Course Starts Feb. 12!

Worship Leadership Training LEARN FROM A VETERAN WORSHIP LEADER & AUTHOR! Online Worship Leader Course February 12 through April 16, 2015 Come learn from the guy who wrote a required text book on worship for worship students at Liberty University! Dwayne Moore, author of the award-winning Pure Praise study, loves to pour into worship leaders

How Worship Is a Show

By Dwayne Moore In a sense, worship is a show; or to be more specific, praise is a show. Praise is the upward part of worship. Praise is done with our bodies—flowing from our hearts to the outside of us. Therefore, when we praise God, it’s obvious to anyone who’s looking our way. In the

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The Priority of Praise

Part 1 of a 3-Part Thanksgiving Series Have you ever looked out the window of an airplane just before it pierces the clouds and noticed how much of the terrain you could see from that one vantage point? You suddenly begin to realize just how enormous this earth of ours really is. Imagine with me

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Leadership Qualities in Worship Teams

Our bands are in Week 6 of Pure Praise, so yesterday for our devotional we talked about the leadership qualities listed in Day 4. Here’s what we look for in worship ministry leaders, based on 2 Chr. 20:21: 1. those who “should sing” (have a calling), 2, those who would sing (have desire & enthusiasm),

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A Factory Model of Worship Ministry

At Valley View Church where I’m worship pastor, our vision for the worship and creative arts ministry is to be a “sculpturing factory.” The analogy of a factory works especially well in the southwest area of Louisville, where our church is located. Many of our members work at the Ford plants or the major UPS

The Model Prayer of a Worshiper

The Model Prayer that Jesus taught His disciples in Matthew 6 can be divided into three distinct parts. As we build a daily habit of praying “in this manner,” our prayer lives can significantly deepen and our perspective of things can radically improve. Part 1: Vertical—Start with praise and surrender. When we pray, we should

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Worship: What Christians Should Aim for Every Day

NOTE: The following article is an excerpt from Week 2 of the 6-week Bible study, Heaven’s Praise: Hearing God Say Well Done by Dwayne Moore. This article will run in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox and on Pastors.com later this week. ____________________________________ Have you ever felt like you’ve been wandering through life, not quite knowing what exactly God’s expecting

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Eight Steps to Transform Your Worship Ministry

By Dwayne Moore [box] Have questions? Need some customized help? Contact us for coaching advice and answers to your questions about using this process in your church. We’d love to help![/box] Below is a step-by-step plan to help your worship team members flourish in three fundamental areas—as worshipers, musicians and mentors. This approach can change the

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The Problem with Last-Minute Easter Rehearsals

Yesterday, I received an email from a church musician who was clearly frustrated and concerned, and he was desperate for some advice. He said his worship leader chronically waits until the last minute to start worship team practice for major holidays like Christmas and Easter. They’d only rehearsed and read over one song for Easter before

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How to Develop Your Worship Team to Be True Ministers

The following article by Dwayne was featured this week on Pastors.com and in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. This article is part of the Building Strong Worshipers series, presented by Pastors.com in partnership with Next Level Worship.   Our goal for church musicians and worship teams should be that they become ministers through music. It isn’t enough to be good musicians