Sponsoring Worship Leaders in Africa: How It Started

Sponsoring Worship Leaders in Africa: How It Started by Dwayne Moore “I’m just one guy, Lord. How can I help these leaders? I don’t have the time or money to make umpteen trips to Africa to lead conferences and work with worship leaders. I know they need help; I know they need resources and teaching, but,

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The Journey of Joy (Video Teaching by Dwayne Moore)

Could you use a little more joy in your life? Dwayne Moore says joy is a journey of “moving from being no good to being all good.” Dwayne gives us 3 things God does to move us forward and 3 things we can do to have more joy along our journey. Dwayne shares some personal

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When God Doesn’t Fix It (Guest Post by Laura Story)

Our friend and worship artist, Laura Story, sent us this excerpt from her amazing new book, When God Doesn’t Fix It. Enjoy! “Resurrected Dreams” By Laura Story When Martin and I walked through his medical trials, we saw a lot of things die. Our vision for our future. Our dreams for each other. Our idea

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Ministry Areas Where You MUST See Results in 2016

. Below is a tool to help you determine vital areas that need your attention during 2016 to move your team and your God-given vision forward. This worksheet is part of our long-range strategic planning process during our Worship Leader Intensive.  You can download the worksheet here.   Vital Areas for Results Efficiency is doings things right;

God’s Power Overshadows Our Problems (or Worship Leaders Have Bad Days Too!)

NOTE: The following is from Dwayne’s online quiet time journal. To read other QT journal entries by Dwayne, go here.   God’s Power Overshadows Our Problems by Dwayne Moore   Text: Psalm 77 Theme: Recalling God’s greatness can distill any worries and problems we have. Key verses: “When I was in deep trouble, I searched

Live to Worship!

By Dwayne Moore Excerpt from Heaven’s Praise: Hearing God Say “Well Done” As anyone who’s ever made a New Year’s resolution can tell you, goals are useless if they’re not followed by action! Management guru Peter Drucker said, “Plans are only good intentions, unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”   At some point we

The Model Prayer of a Worshiper (Video Teaching)

The Model Prayer of a Worshiper Dwayne Moore, founder of Next Level Worship, teaches us how Jesus’ “Model Prayer” can transform our prayer lives. The Model Prayer consists of three distinct steps. These three steps are vital to powerful and effective prayer. (This is the same material he teaches master’s level worship students at Liberty

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Discipling Katie

By Dwayne Moore   Last week I had the privilege to lead a young lady named Katie to the Lord. I asked Stephanie, a devoted member of our church, to disciple Katie. Stephanie is a few years older than Katie and had already met and “hit it off” with her before Katie trusted Christ, so she was the

NEW Worship Team Conversation: “Leading Others in Authentic Worship”

Dwayne Moore’s “Coffee Shop Conversations” Series leads us through how to have informal, powerful and needed conversations with our worship team leaders. Conversation Topic: Leading Others in Authentic Worship This Conversation includes discussions on “What is authentic worship?” “What are the Biblical requirements to worship?” and “What is our role as worship leaders?” Go here to

Worship Leaders: Lead in Awe this Easter

by Dwayne Moore… One quiet morning a few weeks ago, I decided to take some time to pray alone in our sanctuary. But as soon as I sat down on the front row, my mind began racing about all the stuff that still needed to be done before our Easter services: “How will the lights

Podcast: Coffee Shop Conversations with Your Worship Leaders

In this podcast… Dwayne steps you through a teaching conversation he recently had with his key song leaders about their responsibilities and freedoms as worship leaders. Dwayne shows you how you can use his handout and lead your lead singers through the questions. Watch the podcast and download the free handout.     ShareFollow

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Three Things We WILL DO in Our Worship Ministry

    The following resolve is part of our Worship Ministry Manual, which is FREE for you to download.   We Will’s   1. We will produce excellent, creative and effective services. We will follow our checklists and systems across the board. We will insist on consistency from everyone. We will ask, seek and knock—looking

FREE Worship Devotional on Adoring God

Challenge your worship team to grow in their adoration of God with this new devotional by Dwayne Moore. Print a copy for each member of your team to do individually as a quiet time experience. You’ll need to allow 15-20 minutes for them to complete it. Then, if you want, you can invest a few more minutes

An Asaph Generation of Worship Leaders

We recently started a unique and needed community for worship leaders. We call it the Asaph Generation ( Why the name “Asaph Generation,” you might ask? Simply put, we want to be part of a generation of worship leaders who leave a godly legacy in worship ministry–like Asaph did! The Asaph Generation is an exclusive

NEW Exclusive Worship Leader Community!

The Asaph Generation launched today! Check out what Worship Leader Magazine calls a “great new community” and The Worship Community calls a “great resource”! If you’re committed to being a worshiper, musician and mentor for life, then join us for some great encouragement and accountability! Go here: ShareFollow