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Rick Muchow’s Tips for Leading Worship

Below is an excerpt from an article by Rick Muchow entitled, “Seven tips for Leading Worship.” I discovered this great resource on Enjoy! By Rick Muchow: Here are my tips for effective worship L.E.A.D.I.N.G.: Let God lead Jesus said that he is the vine and that we are the branches … apart from him we can do

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Shout Out to Worship Matters!

Hey everyone, I just came across a great worship blog by Bob Kauflin (Perhaps you remember a Contemporary Christian group called GLAD back in the eighties – he was a part of that group!). Anyway, check out his blog. It’s called Worship Matters. I just invested the past hour reading some of his entries. What I

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Welcome Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! A huge shout-out to Julie, Jeremy and the gang at Worship Leader Magazine for publishing my article, A Christmas Wrapped In Praise, on their website during December! Many thanks! Please sign our newly-added guestbook and tell us a little about yourself!  For coming by to visit my blogsite, here is a

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How One Worship Leader Helped Teach His Church about Worship

I’ve believed for years that we should do more than just lead the congregation in singing. As worship leaders, we need to also teach worship and praise to the people in the pews. Here’s a worship leader that’s doing that very thing! Not only did he bring us in to teach his choir, he used a very common tool called a

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Worship Study Overview Video

Below is the Week 1 Overview Video for the in-depth worship study, Praise More Powerful: Insights to Transform Our Worship NOTE: If you can’t see the video screen below, please hit the refresh button in your browser. You will also need Shockwave Flash to view the screen. Go here to download the free Flash program. Five Goals

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4 Goals Every Worship Gathering Should Accomplish

Every time we come together to worship our Lord on Sundays (as well as at other times), there are four goals our worship gatherings should meet. While we have quite a bit of freedom in how we go about accomplishing each goal, the goals themselves are not optional and not subject to change. They remain consistent and of utmost importance. The

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Podcasting Your Worship Service

I asked my friend, Terry Hadaway, to share his insights about podcasting. Along with his amazing writing and church education ministry, Terry and his son, Daniel, have a powerful internet ministry, called Audio Interactions. They help several churches and well-known Christian leaders produce their podcasts. (You may know Terry as the author who wrote the study guide

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Our Praise Should Be Creative

Creativity is the passage-way through which we can discover new and exciting ways to lift up our Lord. A commitment to innovation is the reason new songs are written, old songs are rearranged, new technologies are tried, and fresh ideas are put into action. Every day someone invents a new and needed utensil, perhaps for

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Worship Study Revitalizes Entire Choir!

Today I received a phone call from a worship leader at a church in Marion, Arkansas. His choir and musicians have all been going through our worship study, Praise More Powerful. He said I could quote him on what he told me, so here goes: He said that he has never seen his choir so excited to

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Worship Weekend Brings Lasting Renewal to Church!

I just received an email from a worship leader at a church in Ohio. They hosted me for a Praise and Worship Weekend over a month ago. From Friday night’s first teaching and praise time all the way through to Sunday night’s culminating Praise Gathering, God was honored and people’s hearts were revived (including mine!).

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Great New Resource for Worship Leaders!

I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore! Just this week launched! It is still in its infancy stage. Ultimately it will offer not only lead sheets for the top 100 CCLI songs but also videos and written discipleship materials for worship leaders to use with their groups! In fact I have just

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Steps to Planning a Worship Gathering

From time to time, I’m asked how I go about planning for a worship gathering – or service, as it is often called. Below are some simple steps and elements to consider. Please remember that in most cases it is best to involve a team of trusted staff and volunteers, rather than one person planning everything.

Daily Audio Bible Podcast

 Lately I can hardly wait to go running my twenty minute jog. It’s not that I’m some exercise addict; rather I use that time to listen to Brian Harden’s Daily Audio Bible Podcast. Right now he’s reading from the Good News translation. A couple weeks ago it was the New Living Translation. He changes up which gives the