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New Book on Praise Off to Great Start!

Dear Blog Readers, Thanks for giving me a week off to hide away and write! It was an amazing time with the Lord in a little cabin in the woods – no TV, no radio, and no internet access! (Surprisingly, I didn’t suffer from any severe withdrawals while there!) Of course, the greater appreciation goes

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Video of Refugee Children Singing Praises to God

Have you ever had something just stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless for a moment? When I first saw this simple, one and a half minute video, that was my reaction. These are people who have absolutely nothing, yet they are praising their God… My dear friend, Ken Galyean of CallToAfrica.org, just returned

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Devotional Podcast

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Our Top 20 Blog Posts Since Launch!

We launched the Praise More Powerful blogsite in late August of 2006. In just over 5 months, we have had 33,000 hits to our posts and pages to date! We are now averaging upwards of 3000+ hits per week! To God be all that glory! (And a huge thanks to you, our readers!) Of the 76 posts on

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Created to Praise Him in a Unique Way

I received the following note in an email a lady sent me this morning. She and her husband along with her entire church are beginning our Praise More Powerful worship study. I think you’ll agree that her passion and love for the Lord is both encouraging and convicting. Oh, that we would all share in this kind of

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God Can Work In Tightly Scheduled Worship Services Too!

Thankfully, I am (finally!) finished with the Program Schedule for this year’s Smoky Mountain Student Bible Conference. And I can say with no hesitation that of the thousands of programs and worship services I have planned over the years, this is by far the most difficult…but also one of the most rewarding! Scott Dawson and his team lead this amazing student

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How Structured Should a Worship Service Be?

This topic of how much structure we should have in our worship gatherings is very much on my mind at this moment. For the past several days, I have been working diligently to complete the Tech Schedule for the Smoky Mountain Student Bible Conference. More on that in my blog post called God Can Move

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New Year’s Resolution: Be Godly, Not Religious

I’m reading a challenging and refreshing book right now by Chuck Swindoll. It’s entitled, So, You Want to Be Like Christ? The back cover sums up very well what Dr. Swindoll communicates through the pages of this powerful hardback. Below is an excerpt from the back cover. Just these words alone are enough to make me say

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New Year’s Resolution: Quit Your Job

Looking for a great New Year’s resolution? Here’s one: Quit your job – your job on Sundays at church, that is. Everyone knows we’re not supposed to labor on the Sabbath but rather “keep it holy.” (See Exodus 20:8) We can only keep it honoring to God if we approach what we do every Sunday

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The First Christmas Rush

Mention the words, “Christmas rush,” around others and watch eyes roll and heads wag. No one has to tell us what a headache the Christmas rush can be each year. And few of us get any pleasure from last-minute shopping or standing in those long lines at the post office! However, the first “Christmas rush” was quite different

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Welcome Pastors.com Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! A huge shout-out to Tobin, Mark, and the gang at Pastors.com for publishing my article, A Christmas Wrapped In Praise, on their website and in their newsletter (that went to 172,000 pastors/church staff) this week! Many thanks! For coming by to visit my blogsite, here is a free screensaver (9.4 MB) that we

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Welcome WorshipLeader.com Readers!

Thanks for stopping by! A huge shout-out to Julie, Jeremy and the gang at Worship Leader Magazine for publishing my article, A Christmas Wrapped In Praise, on their website during December! Many thanks! Please sign our newly-added guestbook and tell us a little about yourself!  For coming by to visit my blogsite, here is a

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Redefining “Blended Worship”

I’m afraid the idea of “blended worship” is often watered down. Blending a few old and new songs in the same service does not necessarily constitute God-honoring and unifying worship among Christ’s body. I discovered this article while perusing New Creation Ministries’ website this morning. I strongly concur… Blended Worship by Robert Webber – January 2003 Throw

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Pray for Rick Warren & His Wife

Last night I received a second letter from Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.  He sent it to those on his PurposeDriven.com mailing list, people who (for the most part!) support the tremendous ministry God has raised up through him and his team. (Read entire letter here.) Based on the contents of this letter, he and

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Reward for Faithfulness 20 Years in Coming!

This past Friday I received two incredible email responses. Unlike the hundreds of junk emails that come through my box, these are the kind of emails I like to read over and over again. They are from two of the world’s largest online magazines for pastors and worship leaders. Earlier last week, I had submitted to them my