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FREE Worship Webinar Next Week!

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? The FREE Webinar is only a few days away, so take a moment today to register today. Mark your calendar for March 19 at 1pm CST. The training will be hosted by Dwayne Moore, founder and president of NLW. You don’t want to miss this as we discuss ways to plan

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The Impact of Worship Leader Coaching

Worship Leader Coaching will expand your influence, impact your team, and leave a legacy for years to come. Dwayne Moore and the NLW team want to help you! Check out the testimonies below from real people that have been through coaching with NLW. We want you to grow and succeed in your ministry of worship

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FREE Webinar: How to Plan a Worship Set

Join Dwayne Moore for a FREE, hour-long webinar that will encourage and equip you to better plan a worship set! Sign up today! August 3rd at 8pm EDT (New York Time) Click here to register! ShareFollow

Online Worship Leader Training
Online Worship Leader Course – Early Bird Pricing is Open!

ONLINE WORSHIP LEADERSHIP COURSE WITH DWAYNE MOORE September 11, 2017 through November 20, 2017 This 10-week online course is a great way to cover several important and practical topics on worship leading. You’ll get lots of encouragement and advice from award-winning author and worship leader coach, Dwayne Moore, AND you’ll have great discussions with other leaders in the

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Planning Effective Worship That Flows

As a part of my Online Worship Leadership Training Course, I teach on Planning Effective Corporate Worship that Flows. Below is part of the content from that session. I draw important parallels between baking a cake and planning worship. Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! — Dwayne 1. Choose the right ingredients. The ingredients depend on