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Why I Sponsor Worship Leaders in Africa

by Next Level Worship

by Suzanne Provagna . Matthew 6:33 But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. . Why Africa? . I remember seeing the announcement from Dwayne Moore and Next Level Worship International about sponsoring a worship leader in Africa. It sparked interest inside of me but seemed a…

What Is Our Motivation?

by Next Level Worship

By Dawn Kelley What is our motivation? At the 2016 Zambia Intensive School of Worship conducted by Next Level Worship International, I was asked to teach a breakout session on leading worship teams. For these particular sessions, I prepared an outline for each day; however, each day the outline was thrown aside as we began…

1000+ Decisions for Christ on Guatemala Mission Trip

by Next Level Worship

Thanks to everyone who prayed and supported us on our nine-day mission tour in Guatemala this past week! My 13 year old son, Stephen, and I joined 15 college students from Northeast Junior College to do street, school and village evangelism in several cities throughout Guatemala. This trip was a great example of “next level worship,”…

Office Closed for Mission Trip to Guatemala

by Next Level Worship

Our Next Level Worship office will be closed from Thursday, March 12 through Friday, March 20. We will not be answering calls, shipping store orders, or responding to emails during this time. Pray for us while we are gone on a mission trip to various parts of Guatemala. We will be doing street and village evangelism…

Worship Seminars in Botswana!

by Next Level Worship

Dear readers, please say a prayer for me as I travel to Botswana, Africa. I will be leading several worship seminars for worship leaders throughout the country. I will also be teaching 150 college students in lifestyle worship each morning and be doing an open-air concert sponsored by Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Pray for…

Authentic African Acapella Worship!

by Next Level Worship

Pure and refreshing! That’s what these 10 worship songs are! We recorded these songs while in Botswana a couple weeks ago. We simply sat a stereo mic in the middle of 100 students during their morning praise times at the Face the Nation School of Discipleship. These songs were not rehearsed or polished, and these beautiful voices are not…

“Send Me” Becomes Theme Song for Botswanan Missionaries

by Next Level Worship Send Me by Dwayne Moore  Last week’s mission trip to Botswana, Africa was absolutely incredible. I had the privilege to teach 100 Botswanan college-aged “evangelists-in-training” on worship and also to lead them in praise. Our song, Send Me, they have now embraced as their Face the Nation Theme Song for 2007 and beyond. I am greatly honored…

Deep Worship That Reaches the Unchurched

by Next Level Worship

The following excerpt came from an article in last week’s edition of Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. Oh, that every congregation’s leadership understood these powerful truths about corporate worship. Special thanks to for allowing us to feature this excerpt. Guest article by Rick Warren: At Saddleback we believe worship services can be deep, meaningful, and accessible to the unchurched. Your…

Underground Church Risks Their Lives to Worship God

by Next Level Worship

Last Sunday a young couple shared their testimony at our church. They were members of an underground church in Saudi Arabia for five years. Their story moved our congregation to tears and a standing ovation for their courage. Click in the audio box below to listen to their 20-minute testimony with our pastor, Randy Norris. While you…

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