Ministry Strategies

Ministry Strategies
6 Characteristics of a God-Sized Vision

Check out this post from last year as you plan for a new year of ministry! As we begin a new year, you’re likely dreaming about the future of your church and ministry. You might be wondering what God might do through you and your congregation or team? Whatever He has for you, you can

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A Process to Train Worship Leaders

Our end goal is not to produce great worship services, but rather, to produce great worshipers, who will in turn help produce great worship services. At NLW, we suggest a “funnel process” for discovering and developing worship leaders. This process is intentional, prayerful, and deliberate. It’s intentional because we believe training and discipleship don’t happen by accident. It’s prayerful because we recognize

Ministry Strategies
How to Develop Your Team To Be Ministers Through Music (Repost)

The goal for church musicians and assistants should be that they become ministers through music. Ministers through music have some very distinguishing characteristics. They are passionate about what they are doing. They have a sense of calling. They are disciplined. They are full of integrity, and they clearly exhibit a servant heart toward God and

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How Worship Ministry Is Like Football (Repost)

A worship ministry should help in serving the overall purposes of the church. A worship ministry is not a stand-alone entity that operates separately from the other vital ministries within a church. The best way I know to explain this unique philosophy and approach to ministry is through the analogy of American football. And I’m

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Eight Steps to Transform Your Worship Ministry (Repost)

Check out this step-by-step plan to help your worship team members flourish in three fundamental areas—as worshipers, musicians and mentors. This approach can change the culture of your worship ministry and help your team grow spiritually and numerically—no matter the size of your church. We’ve seen firsthand the impact it has made in small congregations and

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The Three Purposes of Worship Ministry (Repost)

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together” (Psalm 34:3). In this one simple verse, David has given us three distinct purposes of worship ministry. These purposes apply whether we’re in a church of 100, 1000, or 10,000. The purposes do not change. We may have different ways of reaching

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A Strategy for Sowing and Reaping

The Bible is clear that we must sow if we expect to reap, and we must ask God (and keep on asking) if we expect to receive. That is why we developed a 3-step approach to help us be more intentional with sowing into NLW and into other people. The plan below is a guide

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How to Develop Your Worship Team to Be True Ministers

The following article by Dwayne was featured this week on and in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. This article is part of the Building Strong Worshipers series, presented by in partnership with Next Level Worship.   Our goal for church musicians and worship teams should be that they become ministers through music. It isn’t enough to be good musicians

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When Worship Team Members Are Too Spontaneous and “Free” on Stage

Someone sent me this question the other day. How would you advise her? — Dwayne “I have a guy I am letting vocal lead a song here and there in the Sunday set. He leads his songs pretty well…I am training him and helping him learn to do vocal cues, signal the band, sing on

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1000+ Decisions for Christ on Guatemala Mission Trip

Thanks to everyone who prayed and supported us on our nine-day mission tour in Guatemala this past week! My 13 year old son, Stephen, and I joined 15 college students from Northeast Junior College to do street, school and village evangelism in several cities throughout Guatemala. This trip was a great example of “next level worship,”

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Powerful Video Website of Life-change Stories

Do yourself a huge favor and go today, in fact right now, to This is a website put together by Tony Evans. It is cutting edge in its format and presentation. It features video testimonies by famous sports stars, movie stars, and musicians, such as Darrell Waldrep, Stephen Baldwin, Brian “Head” Welch (former lead guitarist

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How to Develop Your Team To Be Ministers Through Music

The following article is featured in the Summer 09 edition of Neue. Neue is a quarterly bookzine produced by Relevant Magazine for emerging ministry leaders. How To Develop Your Worship Team to Be Ministers through Music By Dwayne Moore  The goal for church musicians and assistants should be that they become ministers through music. Ministers through music

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The Best Word of Mouth Marketing Plan

Hey everyone! My discipleship group is going through the Book of Luke right now. In my quiet time a couple days ago, God used a passage in Luke to teach me a powerful principle regarding our ministry. (This profound truth also applies to local churches and church ministries.) Next Level Worship is a young ministry