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Communion Shows Us What Worship Really Means

OK, I admit I am mentally challenged and stretched every time I listen to or read anything by Ravi Zacharias. I am half-way through his book, Jesus Among Other Gods, and yet again, I find myself reading and re-reading certain paragraphs and sections in order to try to grasp the full meaning of his words.

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Praying for Our President-elect

The presidential election of 2008 is in the history books. We have a new President-elect and his name is Barrack Hussein Obama. Now if you voted as I did, you may very well be disappointed with that fact. But while we may be disappointed, let us not be disheartened. It is true, I will not

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Pet Peaves about Worship Leaders

Kent Shaffer has highlighted a provocative list of things people hate to see worship leaders do. WARNING: This list is not for the easily offended or closed-minded or convinced-they’ve-got-it-all-figured-out people. I don’t necessarily agree with everything on the list. But I must admit I have been (still am) guilty of some of the “gripes” mentioned here. I challenge us

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American Idol Sings Worship Song

Do yourself a favor and go to and read Bob Kauflin’s article about American Idol and the contestants singing Shout to the Lord twice this week. This article is one of the most profound and provocative perspectives I have read on how worship causes our culture and Christianity to both compliment each other and

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Practical Team-Building Tips for Your Praise Band

Guest Post by Chris Knox:  The “good ole days” of traveling with my husband in a Christian rock band are long gone.  We’ve “grown up”, had four children, and have excitedly accepted the God-given calling to build a worship culture at our church.  I describe that culture as combining the ingredients of music and art

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A Large Church Worship Leader’s Desire to Help Smaller Churches

Hey everyone, sorry about not posting in over a week. We changed ISPs and inadvertently knocked out our internet service for several days! Below is a video interview with my dear friend, Rhon Carter, worship pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, GA. (Click on the words Read on… below to view the video.) Last weekend, I had the

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Worship God on Vacation Message Series

Holidays and traveling are an integral part of our lives. For we Americans, this upcoming “Labor Day” will be anything but laborious as we take to the highways and waterways to celebrate a reprieve from our labors. Unfortunately, far too many otherwise church-going Christians likewise take a hiatus from church while they are on vacation.

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Worship Tips and Techniques

Hey everybody! Heads up on some great ideas and tips for leading worship that I just ran across. Go to and check them out. Well worth your time to read! Thanks to Kelly Sparks for his work on gathering these thoughts into one location! – Dwayne ShareFollow

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Guest Review of New Book, “The Art of Worship”

My friend, Bob Kauflin, has written a strong review of a very strong, new resource by Greg Scheer. Bob calls Greg’s new book published by Baker, “one of the best practical guides for those who lead congregational worship with a band.” I am presently reading this new and helpful book, The Art of Worship: A Musician’s

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Study Finds Pastors “Too Busy for God”

OK, an article in this week’s edition of Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox hit me hard. Our ministry is right now in the midst of launching a major church-wide emphasis on worship (called 30 Days of Praise). At the heart of its purpose is to get people to slow down and make time daily to focus on God and

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Real Worship Produces Willing Volunteers

The following is a guest post by Dr. Terry Hadaway. He has just written an amazing Bible study called “Where’d the Army Go?” which is timed perfectly as churches are looking now for volunteers to fill much needed positions this fall. Be sure to go his ministry’s website ( and consider downloading this entire study for your church or

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Growing Your Church the Simple, Scriptural Way

Guest Post by John Martin:  Often times doesn’t it seem that we find the most difficult of solutions to the simplest of problems?  Let me give you an example.  At the height of the space race during the 1960’s, NASA took on the arduous job of finding a way to write in space. Normal pens

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Information Is Key Essential in Music Ministries

Guest Post by Michael Adler, Worship Arts Pastor at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama:  While certainly the needs of today’s music ministry include the most obvious disciplines such as worship philosophies, musicality, recruiting, and others, I would like to add another essential to that list.  Any organization operates best when those charged w/ creating

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Reinventing Our Predictable Worship Subculture

I just read a powerful dialogue on Nancy Beach’s blog. (Nancy is programming director at Willow Creek Church in Chicago and author of a challenging book entitled, An Hour on Sunday: Creating Moments of Transformation and Wonder.) Please do yourself and your congregation a favor: Go to her blog site and read Nancy’s entry, The

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Rory Noland Endorses Pure Praise Worship Study!

Hey everyone! I just received an amazing email from Rory Noland. Check out what he wrote about our study, Pure Praise! Dwayne Moore has given us a comprehensive guide to worship leading. Pure Praise is thorough and well researched; no stone is left unturned. The various application questions and exercises make the book very accessible