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Called to Worship: Interview with Dr. Vernon Whaley

Called to Worship: From the Dawn of Creation to the Final Amen by Dr. Vernon Whaley has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Dwayne Moore, founder of NLW International, sat down with Dr. Whaley for an interview about his books and his expert views on worship… Read the book review here. Interview questions include… 1. What

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Book Review: The God You Can Know

The God You Can Know by Dan Dehaan has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Below is a review of this amazing book by John Martin, Director of Ministries for NLWI… I was first introduced to this book as a youth in the early eighties. I have reread it several times and have given copies and

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Bill Bright’s 30 Lessons on Evangelism and Follow-up

By Dwayne Moore I’ve enjoyed reading about the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ ( The book is called Amazing Faith: The Authorized Biography of Bill Bright. While reading, I came across a list Bill wrote down of “some of the lessons I have learned about evangelism and follow-up through the years.” One of the most important outflows

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Called To Worship Book Endorsement

Thomas Nelson Publishing just sent us a complementary copy of Dr. Vernon Whaley’s new book, Called To Worship, to say thanks. Dr. Whaley had given Dwayne a copy of the manuscript back in September and asked him to review it and consider endorsing it. Below is the endorsement Dwayne wrote. To order Called To Worship hot off the press,

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Worship Is a Bowl of Noodles Book Endorsement

Dennis Prince recently mailed us a copy of his new book, Worship is a Bowl of Noodles (2008, RCM Publications, Australia). I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this fascinating book, and I count it a privilege to endorse it enthusiastically. Worship Is a Bowl of Noodles is a much needed resource for every person who plans worship sets

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Worship Is the Fuel of Missions

I am reading a thought-provoking book by Gary Wright, who is a member of my church’s praise team. It’s called Worship Awakening. At the end of chapter 2, he pulls an insightful quote from John Piper about worship and missions. I have not found a better statement on missions and worship than this one by John Piper: “Missions

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Worship Leader Magazine Reviews Pure Praise!

Please take a moment and read the great review Worship Leader Magazine did of Pure Praise! This is in the May, 2009 edition (p. 78). Woohoo! Here’s a quote from the closing paragraph: “Finally, a book worth passing out to your leaders, and one they will want to share with their teams.” CLICK HERE TO READ

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Communion Shows Us What Worship Really Means

OK, I admit I am mentally challenged and stretched every time I listen to or read anything by Ravi Zacharias. I am half-way through his book, Jesus Among Other Gods, and yet again, I find myself reading and re-reading certain paragraphs and sections in order to try to grasp the full meaning of his words.

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Review of Teaching Kids Authentic Worship

I just finished reading an amazing book by Kathleen Chapman, titled Teaching Kids Authentic Worship. I have two young boys, who are 9 and 13. They are at a crucial time when they are deciding how important God is and will be in their lives. My wife and I feel the huge weight of responsibility to teach

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Books We Recommend Page Added!

We are excited to announce a much-needed new resource on our website! On our Books We Recommend page you will find lots of great books that our team has personally read and enjoyed. While many are on worship, there are several other topics covered as well. We will be adding to this page as we discover more

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Spurgeon on the Practice of Praise

I am reading C. H. Spurgeon’s book, The Practice of Praise (Whitaker House, 1995). This is a power-packed little read! Here are some amazing (and convicting!) quotes that I highlighted from the first half of the book. (Second half coming soon!) ~ Dwayne “They shall abundantly utter the memory of God’s great goodness.” (Psalm 147:5) The word,

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Review of The Worshiping Artist by Rory Noland

I really enjoyed reading The Worshiping Artist. Rory’s Scripture-rich explanations about worship and praise are clear and compelling. The Biblical emphasis on specific expressions to praise were refreshing to read, since few books on worship address those properly (if at all). Especially helpful and insightful were his three questions and chapters: Who is God, Who am I, and

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Review of A Seeking Heart: Rediscovering True Worship

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to work with Alicia Williamson Garcia during a ladies conference in south Georgia. I was leading worship at the conference, and Alicia was the featured concert artist. Her bubbly and humble spirit, coupled with her amazing talent and sensitivity to the Spirit, would win over anybody. Along with

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Guest Review of New Book, “The Art of Worship”

My friend, Bob Kauflin, has written a strong review of a very strong, new resource by Greg Scheer. Bob calls Greg’s new book published by Baker, “one of the best practical guides for those who lead congregational worship with a band.” I am presently reading this new and helpful book, The Art of Worship: A Musician’s

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Praise Should Be Life’s Greatest Pursuit

The following is a continuation of the introduction from a new book I am working on. Go here to read the first part of this introduction. Thanks for your feedback! ~ Dwayne  As we dig into God’s Word together in the chapters that follow, we will discover that the greatest and most significant pursuit in our lives