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Why Worship Is Our Primary Responsibility

This is a 4-part series written by my friend, Rex Terry. Rex has an amazing ministry in Decatur, AL. He has been the worship leader at Decatur Baptist Church for 25 years. His choir has some 140 members. Anyone who joins Rex’s choir or orchestra must first go through Bible training about how and why

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Huge Open Door for Gospel in Botswana, Africa!

I will be leaving very soon for a mission trip in Botswana, Africa, where I will be joining Ken Galyean of Call to Africa and others. We will be working with Face the Nation, a ministry effort of Open Baptist Church in Gabarone, Botswana. (BTW, while we are gone, we will feature guest authors on this site who

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Necessary Ingredients for Success in Life

I am currently going through Joshua in my devotion times. Below is from a recent post in my online quiet time journal. “But how does this title and theme fit with worship?” you may ask. That is simple: To live a life of success means to live a life that honors/worships God! Enjoy. – Dwayne Text: Joshua 1:6-9 Theme: God gave Joshua 5 directives necessary

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Why Worship Leaders Got Little Recognition in the Bible

Do this: In thirty seconds, name all the famous prophets and preachers in the Bible that come to your mind. Now, in no more than thirty seconds name all the worship leaders you know of in the Bible (who were famous because they directed or played music). The list is quite a bit shorter, isn’t it? How many did

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4 Articles about Worship on!

God is constantly good! Today marks our fourth article to be featured on and Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. is by far the most popular site for pastors and church leaders. And the Ministry Toolbox newsletter has a subscription of well over 180,000. Amazingly, the editor of and the Toolbox, Tobin Perry, has asked us to

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The Worship Secret

Dr. Terry Hadaway, educator, author, founder of, and great friend to our ministry, has again delivered fresh and provocative thoughts on the topic of worship. In this article, The Worship Secret, Terry challenges us to look at worship from beyond our stain-glassed windows and our Sunday School understanding of life’s greatest endeavor. – Dwayne Guest post by Dr. Terry Hadaway He

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New Study Resource – Blessings Are Funnels, Not Cups

My dear friend, Dr. Terry Hadaway, is a partner in our ministry who writes incredible Bible studies. In fact, he has just written some phenomenal small group lessons called “The Real Good Life.” Remarkably, he has placed all three of these fresh and insightful Bible studies on his website as a FREE download. Yes, you heard it right,

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Using Visual Arts in Worship

The following article is scheduled to run on Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox soon. I thought I would give you, my faithful readers, a “sneak preview”! Blessings! – Dwayne  Have you gazed at the sky lately? Have you noticed the amazing colors and dazzling hues of an evening sunset? Have you ever been mesmerized by a gigantic

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Regaining Credibility in Our Corporate Worship

One of the most powerful messages I have heard preached on the topic of worship came recently from my pastor, Randy Norris. He leads a new church plant in Hoover, Alabama, called The Church at Ross Station. I am privileged to be the worship leader at this tremendous new work. I asked Randy if he would share with

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Bringing Down Walls that Hinder Worship

The following is an excerpt from Week 8 of the Praise More Powerful worship study, which in that week focuses on the goals worship leaders should have when we lead others in praise… According to Joshua, chapter 6, the people of Jericho had constructed a huge wall that prevented God’s people from reaching them. In much the same way people

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Christians Should Be Drawn, Not Driven

Last night I ate dinner with an evangelist friend on mine. In a somber and convincing tone he shared with me how at one point he had to leave the ministry for a while. He had become so driven to perform and “minister” at his church that he burned himself out and almost lost his family.

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Respecting Each Other’s Music Styles in Worship

The following is an excerpt from Week 7 of my worship study, Praise More Powerful. This is pulled from Day 2 which is entitled, “It Is about Sensitivity.” Enjoy! – Dwayne Any song that honors God and is scripturally accurate is, in fact, “suitable” to be sung at church. However, not every song is suitable every time the church

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Praise Should Boil from Hearts On Fire

The following is an excerpt from a new book I’ve just started. Hope you enjoy! (And please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think.) Thanks so much! – Dwayne  Imagine you have a child who has really struggled in a certain subject at school. You have become concerned about his grades because

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Praise to God is Universal

Praise is universal. If we could fly over the “plains of praise,” we would see many landmarks that would give us a clearer picture of just how universal and far-reaching praise to God really is. For example, we would see that God’s people have always praised him. In our day many churches and believers are

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Our Mission Here at Next Level Worship

I have known for some time now that Colossians 1:28-29 is to be the theme scripture for our ministry through Next Level Worship, LLC. However, during my quiet time this morning, the Lord clearly showed me 5 reasons why this is to be our mission statement. Please understand that the devotional writing below is from very personal thoughts I journaled