The Impact of Worship Leader Coaching

by Next Level Worship

Worship Leader CoachingWorship Leader Coaching will expand your influence, impact your team, and leave a legacy for years to come. Dwayne Moore and the NLW team want to help you! Check out the testimonies below from real people that have been through coaching with NLW. We want you to grow and succeed in your ministry of worship within your church!

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“Awesome meetings. I don’t have words to express all the things I’ve learned – and the joy of sharing with others of like minds.  I love sharing with Christian musicians. Thanks to all. Especially to Dwyane and NLW for the opportunity.” – Sharon, USA

“I have enjoyed interacting with worship leaders from different background and nations as my classmates. Through this course my self-esteem was restored and because of that I was invited to lead worship at a conference in the US. This is a great resource that the worship teams need especially now, but few of the churches are aware of the golden opportunity available. I therefore suggest that this be taken in churches around the globe. Especially here in Uganda!! So that an army of worshipers be raised and equipped for the great harvest.” – Herbert Mashami, Uganda

“Thanks Again to Dwayne Moore for pouring wisdom on us. I will be forever grateful meeting you and being part of the virtual course. This was my first formal course as worship pastor. It’s been a wonderful experience for me… I’m truly glad God led me to take this coaching course.” – Noel, Canada


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Dwayne Moore is an author and teacher of worship and founder of Next Level Worship International, Inc.

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