Zambia Worship Intensive School a HUGE Success!

by Next Level Worship

Hey everyone, great news!

Our first ever Next Level Worship Intensive School in Zambia was an over-the-top success! Our 5-member US team trained 70 worship leaders and pastors about worship, leadership and music over 5 days. Nothing quite like this has been done in Zambia before.

To quote a 19-year old worship leader who attended, “This school was REVOLUTIONARY in Zambia.” Many told us their lives were CHANGED forever. A local pastor said, “Africa will never be the same.” All glory to God!

Please take 4 minutes and watch this exciting video we shot during the school last week. You’ll love the students’ passion for the Lord and for singing!



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Dwayne Moore is an author and teacher of worship and founder of Next Level Worship International, Inc.

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