Unique Easter Service Order

Here’s our service order for this Easter. It’s simple yet unique–especially the “rumor” dramatic effect at the beginning. (Bet you’ve never seen this done in a service before!) Substitute songs for songs that work best for your congregation.

The Station Church

1. Video about Easter (from Sermon Spice) as a call to worship

2. Opening dramatic presentation

–Scripture reading from Luke 24:1-9 (read by a child)

–Praise team enters from back going down isles asking people, “Have you heard? He’s alive!”

–”He’s alive!” *rumor spreads across the room (dramatic effect) (bridge to My Savior Lives begins playing/building in background) (singers replace the words ” My Savior lives” of bridge with “He is alive.”)

3. 1st Song Set

My Savior Lives

Your Great Name

4.Welcome — Pastor

5. 2nd Song Set

You Gave Your Life Away (Play brief edited clip from The Passion movie of Jesus being crucified at start of You Gave Your Life Away.)

-Worship leader segues by saying “Aren’t you thankful he didn’t stay dead? He arose!”

Glorious Day

6. Message

7. Possible Response to message: Your Great Name (reprise)

*To do the Rumor dramatic effect: Worship leader says to the congregation: “We need the first person on each row to turn to your neighbor on your left and say, ‘Have you heard? He’s alive?’ Then that person will┬áturn to her neighbor on her left and say the same. Let’s spread this news all the across the room.”

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