Instructions for All About Worship Live Podcast Interview

by Next Level Worship

All About Worship PodcastWe are excited that Dwayne will be interviewed on All About Worship on Monday, October 19, at 9:00 CST! Below are the instructions you will need to listen to this podcast live!

From the Hosts of All About Worship:

We’ll be recording live inviting folks to participate by tuning in on Talkshoe. The recording we make will be made available on our podcast on Wednesday (10/21).

To dial into the live show, use the information below:

Online w/ headset:;

OR, call TalkShoe: 1.724.444.7444 and enter Call ID: 1#. They can listen in online without downloading anything. They will still be able to chat with us in the chat room and submit questions that way.

We’ll also make some space for folks to ask questions live if anyone wants.

The “Pure Praise” book is truly a great resource that I think our audience would benefit from greatly.


Ben and Wisdom



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