Called To Worship Book Endorsement

by Next Level Worship

Thomas Nelson Publishing just sent us a complementary copy of Dr. Vernon Whaley’s new book, Called To Worship, to say thanks. Dr. Whaley had given Dwayne a copy of the manuscript back in September and asked him to review it and consider endorsing it. Below is the endorsement Dwayne wrote. To order Called To Worship hot off the press, go here!

called-to-worshipCalled to Worship is an amazing and engaging read. I simply could not put it down! Dr. Whaley takes the reader on a journey through God’s Word, beginning in Genesis with lessons on worship from Creation and climaxing with the heavenly worship of Revelation. I’ve read many books on worship, but I’ve not seen one that so effectively teaches the history and doctrines of worship in simple and relevant terms. Dr. Whaley brings fresh and brilliant application of age-old truths to our daily, modern lives. This book shoud be read by every believer who longs to offer authentic and acceptable worship to God.

Dwayne Moore
President, Next Level Worship, LLC
Author of Pure Praise



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