Pure Praise Weekly Introductions DVD Available!

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Announcing our most exciting companion resource to Pure Praise yet!

Author Dwayne Moore has just released a DVD of weekly introduction videos designed to motivate and inspire you and your group to stay faithful to each week’s devotional study in Pure Praise!  The DVD includes intro videos for all 9 weeks of the study, plus a bonus Promotional Video to help you promote Pure Praise within your church or small group!

Click here to order the DVD!

Watch a sample Week 4 Introduction Video from the DVD below!




Pure Praise Companion DVD | Next Level Worship eStore
08 May, 2009 At 12:51 pm

[…] Nine brief and motivational videos by Dwayne Moore, author of Pure Praise. These great video segments will help keep your worship team and choir motivated to stay in the study week after week. The DVD also contains a promotional video you can use to get people on board to do Pure Praise. For more information, go here. […]

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