FREE Easter Dramatic Sketch: He Is Risen!

by Next Level Worship

he-is-risenHere is a powerful and simple dramatic sketch written by Dwayne that will work great for your Easter worship service. This 2-minute sketch works for any size congregation. It is taken from Luke 24:1-9 and builds up to a contagious shouting throughout the entire congregation of the words, “He is risen!”

This dramatic scripture reading works great after a familiar and powerful resurrection praise song like “Because He Lives” or “My Saviour Lives.” You only need three people for this sketch. One main person who acts as narrator and two people who stand on both sides up front and emphasize certain key phrases throughout the sketch.

To download the entire free sketch, simply click on “Continue reading…” in the blue type below and then complete the form.

Sample from He Is Risen Dramatic Sketch

Narrator: So why do we still look for the living among the dead, even today? He is not there. He has risen!
Person 2: He is not there. He has risen!
Person 1: He has risen!
All: He has risen

Narrator: Christ is the answer. Yet we seek for the answer in other places.
Person 1: In drugs and alcohol
Person 2: In relationships
Narrator: Christ, the answer, is not in those. He is not there. He is here.
Person 2: He is among us.
All: He is risen!

Narrator: Christ is the hope. Yet we seek for our hope in other places.
Person 1: In the economy
Person 2: In the government
Person 1: In religion
Narrator: Christ, the Hope, is not there. He is here.
Person 1: He is among us.
All: He is risen!

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