Worship Seminars in Botswana!

by Next Level Worship

Dear readers, please say a prayer for me as I travel to Botswana, Africa. I will be leading several worship seminars for worship leaders throughout the country. I will also be teaching 150 college students in lifestyle worship each morning and be doing an open-air concert sponsored by Open Baptist Church in Gaborone. Pray for souls!





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Dwayne Moore is an author and teacher of worship and founder of Next Level Worship International, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Worship Seminars in Botswana!

nyakio kamau

hi! did you go to Botswana? am i Kenya, Africa and was thinking as you come you could stop over in Kenya, we could organize a seminar?
God bless.

Next Level Worship

Hey Nyakio! Great to hear from you! No, unfortunately we are not going to Africa this year. Instead I am taking my 13-year-old son to Guatemala for a mission trip. Hopefully we can return your way next year and make a stop in Kenya! What a wonderful idea! Thank you! – Dwayne

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