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My good friend, Charles Billingsley, has graciously consented to write a foreword for my forth-coming worship study, Pure Praise! (Group Publishing, release date: December, 2008) I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Charles and his amazing ministry through music. Charles is the worship pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. He is also an Artist in Residence at Liberty University. He has also been on staff with Dr. David Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain Church in California. For many years, Charles has had a powerfully effective concert ministry, traveling to every corner of the US. His walk matches his talk and his song. He is one of the most humble and amicable–not to mention hilarious!–guys I’ve ever been around. He is a true servant to the Lord and others. I am honored that he would agree to write this foreword. For more information on Charles’ ministry, go to



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